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How It Works

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How Rollersigns Work

Put very simply our Rollersigns Banner cassette retrofits to any retractable belt barrier by way of our patent pending attachment. Simply pull down the banner from the cassette to reveal high impact media/advisory message, when not in use retract & store the cassette against the side of the barrier. When the customer needs to refresh/change the message this can be done in a matter of minutes, the only wastage being the recyclable banner.

As featured on BBC2’s Dragon’s Den programme, this innovative medium transforms dead space into impactful advertising or information displays wherever and whenever a brand requires. Rollersigns can retro fit existing retractable belt barriers or create bespoke networks to meet client requirements offering a great new way to brand an area, build awareness and attract new customers in a cost efficient manner. The ease and speed of which the banners can be changed is also hugely beneficial.